Basic of Post-Processing Workshop

1 Day Post Processing Workshop – 1 on 1

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Learn the fundamentals of post-processing in a day. One on One session with our esteemed mentors would allow you to master the concepts, get hands-on practice and experience in converting your images into a work of art and what better way when it can happen at your own comfort and availability. You decide, where and when you wish to learn, we will make it happen.

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This is an end to end solution helping you right from managing images after the shoot till posting/ printing/ delivering the work. All the best industry practices are put together with wonderful examples and in-class exercises for the participants.

A full day workshop, not only describes the art of post-processing but also helps you to understand the science behind the issues found in digital images. We believe identifying the issues is the toughest part of post-processing and once that is done, it is way too easy to address them. The workshop is designed in such a way that it covers all the aspects of post-processing and thus making it ideal for anyone. It will be useful for beginners and intermediates alike. While the beginners can learn everything about post-processing, the intermediates can fine-tune their techniques.

Workshop Overview


  1. full day of extensive learning about digital post processing to give your images the finishing they deserve to have.
  2. This session is not just about processing your images but helps you learn better organizing and image management skills.
  3. Quality course material provided to everyone, to help you remember the stuff you learnt at the workshop.
  4. Anytime after the workshop, your images will be reviewed by our experts and feedback will be provided. Just post your images in our online facebook group and get continuous feedback.
  5. Interact with other like-minded people during the workshop and find some quality company.


Workshop Content


  1. Quick Introductions & Understanding Expectations.
  2. Image Management
    1. Basics of image culling and selections.
    2. Organizing, rating, key-wording
    3. Backups and storage essentials.
  3. Colour Management
    1. Working colour spaces (sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProphotoRGB).
    2. Importance of monitor calibration.
  4. Post-processing software
    1. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Capture One Pro, Luminar etc.
    2. Manufacturer Software – Nikon Capture NX-D, Canon Digital Professional, other free software etc.
  5. Post Processing Workflow
    1. Importance of a workflow.
    2. Sample effective workflows.
    3. How to identify your own workflow.
    4. Destructive Vs Non-destructive image editing.
  6. Basic RAW Corrections
    1. RAW Vs JPG.
    2. Basic and essential corrections (Exposure, Highlights/ Shadows, White balance, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation ).
    3. Hands-on practicals (working on their own images) during the session.
  7. Advanced Adjustments & Enhancement
    1. Noise reduction, selective dodging/ burning, cloning, sharpening, working with masks.
    2. Adding punch to images.
    3. B&W processing.
    4. Creative color, split color processing.
    5. Hands-on practicals (working on their own images) during the session.
  8. Saving Images
    1. Maintaining a master file.
    2. What is DPI or PPI?
    3. Settings for Web.
    4. Settings for Print.
  9. Wrapping up session
    1. A quick recap of essentials.
    2. Reviewing their processed files and providing feedback.
    3. Question & answer session.


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