Basic Photography Workshop

1 Day Basic Photography Workshop – 1 on 1

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Learn the fundamentals of photography in a day. One on One session with our esteemed mentors would allow you to master the concepts, get hands-on practice and experience in making better images and what better way when it can happen at your own comfort and availability. You decide, where and when you wish to learn, we will make it happen.

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The course will help you understand exposure fundamentals, shutter speed, depth of field, and f/stop fundamentals and many more.

It’s time to stop using the AUTO mode in your camera and start taking control! Take the first step to becoming a better photographer. Learn how to avoid taking those blurry images once for all by getting a hold of the exposure triangle – Aperture, Shutter Speed and the ISO. While you learn the technical aspects of photography, this class also makes you learn the details of effective composition and help you learn how to start seeing creatively. With the instructor on your side, you will have the opportunity to practice what is being taught during the workshop.

Workshop Overview


  1. A full day of extensive learning about the basics of photography to build a strong foundation.
  2. The technical and artistic side of photography topics covered.
  3. Quality course material provided to everyone, to help you remember the concepts you learned at the workshop.
  4. Anytime after the workshop, your images will be reviewed by our experts and feedback will be provided. Just post your images in our online facebook group and get continuous feedback.
  5. Interact with other like-minded people during the workshop and find some quality company.


Workshop Content


  1. Quick Introductions & Understanding Expectations.
  2. Know Your Equipment
    1. Types of cameras & sensors
    2. Types of lenses
    3. About tripods, memory cards, filters, etc
  3. The Shooting Posture
    1. How to hold your camera!
    2. Learn how to use your own body and surroundings to stabilize your shot.
  4. Technical Aspect of Photography
    1. Understanding the exposure triangle (Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO)
    2. Learn about white balance (Get the right colors every time)
    3. Various shooting modes available in a DSLR and how to choose one for every situation.
    4. Introduction to the histogram.
  5. Creative Aspect of Photography
    1. Learn to see the “light” first.
    2. Effective visual composition.
    3. Learn to see like an artist (Use colors, perspective, textures, shapes, etc)
  6. Post Processing
    1. Introduction to post-processing.
    2. RAW files Vs JPG images. Which one to use?
    3. Basic corrections and free software.
  7. Hands-on Session
    1. With an instructor by your side, practice the basics learned during the day.
    2. Immediate feedback and tips to improve.
  8. Assignment
    1. Depending on your chosen genre (portraiture, nature, macro, street, etc), an assignment will be provided at the venue.
    2. This is a do-later assignment and the feedback/ inputs on this assignment images (when posted in our group) will be provided through our facebook group.
  9. Wrapping-up the Session
    1. A quick recap of essentials.
    2. Best practices to keep improving your photography skill.
    3. Next steps to becoming a professional photographer.
    4. Question & answer session.

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