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International Expeditons

Masai Mara Wildlife Expedition

Join on a pursuit to experience the true magic that Masai Mara is, in this 5 full day game drive plan. Comfort ensured, we will fly in style between Nairobi Masai Mara Nairobi. 

Kenya Wildlife Expedition

For the adventurous you, who likes to experience various destinations in one quick expedition. We take you to 3 premium wildlife circuits of Kenya namely Amboseli, Naivasha & Masai Mara.

Cocktail Kenya

He loves going to the Mara, and She loves Mara, but prefers relaxing at the beach instead. He wants to do endless safaris, She wants  to explore street shopping at the heart of Nairobi. This is a chance for the He and She to venture out together.

Coming Soon

Tanzania Wildlife Expedition

Elephant congregation at Tarangire, Birds & Mammals at Lake Manyara, venturing into the Ngorongoro crater, visualizing the infinite savannah plains of Serengeti in this compact week long expedition. And if you thought that was it, you are to see Mount Kilimanjaro as well.

Cocktail Tanzania

After a good safari experience in Tanzania, who wouldn't like to chill out in the exotic coast of Zanzibar. This is a perfect getaway for you along with your family and friends to experience the best of what Tanzania has to offer. Fun, frolic and a bit of wild tinder.

Mana Pools Expedition

You have heard a lot about Mara, Serengeti and even Botswana. But Mana Pools? Mana Pools is larger than life elephants. Mana Pools is walking safaris. Imagine, standing few feet away, going low on the angle and take a wide angle image. You just replaced a buggy and put yourself right there to experience uniqueness that Mana Pools is.

Mana Pools is RAW WILD.

Birds of Paradise

Nature has its own formulas to play around when it comes to Evolution process. For some reason unknown to mankind yet, there is a constant discovery of newer species of birds every few years at a remote land of Papua.

Birds of Paradise are trule unique masterpieces of natural world. They dance, they sing, they do whatever it takes to attract a mate. 

They turn from ordinary to brilliance at a blink of an eye.

Coming Soon

Costa Rica Birding

If we start listing the birds of Costa Rica, our servers will crash. Literally, endless list of Birds. An expedition taking you to different altitudes, terrains in focus to witness, capture and record the various bird species of Costa Rica.

Quest for the Snow Leopards

Wondering what a snow leopard expedition is doing among our International Expedition lisiting? Did anyone ever tell you, that Kyrgyzstan is the called the Snow Leopard country?

Coming Soon 

Antarctica 2020

Just Imagine. You, One large White Continent with unmatched scenery, it all looks heaven.

We use the best in class expedition vessel with less than 100 capacity on board, thus allowing us to step foot on the dream land twice each day.

And to better the experience, our Journey is scheduled during the courting period of Penguins - And this is when, they are in their funniest best behaviour. You just can't miss this opportunity.

Taiwan Birding Expedition

Mother land of Electronics and manufacturing technologies, What are you doing there, ask so many people. Well, we simply respond, Taiwan holds the 2nd largest density of birds in the world. 2nd, that is seriously too good. 

You can wake up to an ocean of clouds, mesmarizing sunrise that creates a color spectrum. 

And then, Camera Street happened. Did you know, that Taiwan is one of the best and most economical place in the world to buy top quality photography accessories and gear?

Ohhhh, the Bullet train ride. How can I miss telling you about that 350KMPH thrill.

And, the relaxing HOT Springs!!!

Damnnn... Too Good.