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Some of our webpages may contain images shot by other photographers are from free to commercial platforms like PIXABAY. In those cases, the copyright to that content remains with the original content creator.

Expedition Contribuitions

Expedition Contribuitions are mentioned wither in USD or INR based on the specific expedition. There is no extra currency conversion charges. All contribuitions, generally do include minimal tips and applicable taxes. We believe in No Hidden Cost Approach. In special cases where there be a difference from our standard practices, there is be a specific mention of the extra charges applicable or acceptance of other currencies other than USD and INR.

The Expedition Contribuitions are true on the date of publishing of the information and could change at anytime without prior notice. 

Broken Links / Links with Improper Content / Links with No Content

The website is new and is in its Beta Testing stage and fine tuning of the content. In case you do find links with wrong directions, wrong urls, missing urls please do report us of the same for immediete fix and rectifications. 

Incase the content mentioned is not in alignment with a particular subject, please also do highlight of the same. 

We might already know of the point and would be on action to fix it up, however your participation with just make it better. 

We appreciate your patience and support in reporting such events.

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