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Tajikistan is a mountainous, landlocked country with an incredibly rich landscape, wildlife and culture. Its rugged, mountainous terrain gives rise to a varied landscape of unusual and unique habitats, ranging from hot, dry deserts to frozen mountains and glaciers.

The Nature


This diversity of ecosystems, in turn, means that Tajikistan is rich in biodiversity, with an array of plant and animal species including a globally significant population of snow leopard. Consequently, Tajikistan is recognized as a part of the Mountains of Central Asia biodiversity hotspot.

The Wildlife


Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains are home to snow leopards, the scimitar-horned ibex, and the world’s largest wild sheep, the Marco Polo sheep (Ovis ammon poli), first described by the famous explorer of Central Asia.

The Murgab District lies in the remote far eastern portion of Tajikistan.

The ECO Conservation Model


Extensive applaudable conservation efforts are being taken by various research groups along with the Government in protecting the various flora and fauna. The whole country is looking to enhance the snow leopard territory, banning the dirty hunting practices and look towards Eco Tourism as a model of change.

Why We Love Tajikistan


Landscape combined with animals and birds, rich culture of people, low costs associated with travel combined with very best efforts of the Government convinces us.




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